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We enjoyed a wonderful holiday and one of the highlights was a picnic trip with our hosts, to an beautiful beach on Portugal’s West Coast, where Judy took the winning picture of the Quinta’s Photo Competition. We were unable to take our prize until June this year and were amazed at the changes that have been made to the Quinta.
We were pleased to be able to relax around the new, and very much improved, pool terrace. A gently babbling brook separates the pool and sun terrace from a delightful, shaded dining terrace, where we sat down to one of Fran’s incredible fresh garden salads.

The company was again more than convivial and soon made friends with our fellow guests. John and Cherry Simpson were another couple returning for what has become their annual visit and they had brought their professional film making equipment and were busily recording all the changes and improvements to the Quinta over the past couple of years in order to update the promotional info film “House Party in the Sun”.

We were glad to see that beach picnics were still a highlight of the Quinta’s activities and during our week’s stay were able to enjoy two super beach days and gorge ourselves with fresh grilled sardines, succulent kebabs and sticky moist carrot cake, all washed down with copious quantities of refreshingly chilled champagne and Sangria. Of course, the great benefit to picnicking on the beach is that napkins aren’t needed. Just run naked into the sea!

We are looking forward to visiting Quinta da Horta again and hope to be able to meet up with old friends from past visits. This seems to be becoming all the rage at the Quinta with several reunion parties planned for this year, including a 75 birthday party with guests returning from as far afield as New Zealand and Canada.

Our first visit was great. Our second visit was fantastic. We can’t wait to find an adjective for the third.

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